We have a wide of range of treatments available to modify the feel, smell or other characteristics of treated fabrics, and below is a description:

Aloe Vera

Among its many properties, Aloe Vera helps heal injuries and softens and protects skin. When it is applied to fabrics it softens them and makes them deal for people with sensitive skin.


Protects fabrics against dust mites, bed bugs, mosquitos and moths.


Creates a protective coating over the fibre which prevents pilling (those little balls).


Creates a fine film over the fabric which fixes the fabrics and prevents them from moving, thereby eliminating shrinkage.

Antimicrobe-antifungus-anti mite

This treatment prevents the appearance of mould and other microorganisms on treated fabrics.


This treatment is used on fabrics in contact with the skin and its bacteriostatic effect prevents the growth, multiplication and activity of bacteria.


Designed for use on cellulose and cellulose blend fibres to produce a soft fabric with an agreeable aroma.
Ideal for articles made of towelling, articles for bedding and fabrics in general.


Incorporates natural beeswax which helps cure injuries, protects the skin and softens the material. It also improves stitching and provides excellent shine if combined with a calendaring process


Protects fabrics against bacteria and fungus which attack it. Its use is especially recommended for home and car textiles.


During the Coolmax process, a softening finish is applied using condensed fatty acids, silicon and a menthol-based product:

It provides a fresh feel, excellent moistening and a sensation of coolness. It also has antistatic properties

Fire proofing

Depending on the treatment concentration it provides protection against cigarette burns or M2.

Liquid repellent

This treatment protects against water and other liquid spills.

Negative-ION Anti-Stress Treatment

The treatment provides fabric made with synthetic and other fibres with anti-stress properties through the activation of negative ions, to produce a feeling of natural wellbeing.

A negative ion is an ultra-fine particle with a negative electric charge.

Advances are being made in medicine into our understanding of the effects of the application of negative ions on the human body where improved defences, increased blood flow, greater mental stability and more effective rest have all been observed, which combine to produce greater wellbeing.


A wash-fast antibacterial treatment using the controlled release of silver ions to protect against bacteria



  • Natural, flexible feel with deep-down softness thanks to its penetration.
  • Strong and wear resistant
  • Protects against yellowing
  • Improves the wash-and-wear properties of cellulose fabrics treated with “Easy care”
  • Improves shape recovery in knitted fabrics
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